Free Software

Latent Class Analysis & Latent Transition Analysis


SAS procedures for latent class analysis & latent transition analysis SAS macros for use with PROC LCA

LCA Stata plugin

Stata plugin for latent class analysis Functions for use with the LCA Stata plugin


Standalone program for latent transition analysis

LCA outcome probability calculator

for Microsoft Excel

Latent Class Causal Analysis 

R package

Adaptive Interventions

Micro-randomized trials (MRTs) A sample size calculator for micro-randomized trials is available both as a web applet and as an R package hosted on CRAN

R code for assessing time-varying causal effect moderation

R code for analyzing data from an MRT to assess time-varying causal effect moderation

Sequential, multiple assignment, randomized trial (SMART)

SMART sample size applets


Time-Varying Effect Modeling (TVEM)


SAS macro for time-varying effect modeling

Weighted TVEM

SAS TVEM macro that accommodates survey weights and clusters

Analysis of Intensive Longitudinal Data


SAS macro for estimating functional hierarchical linear models using local linear regression estimation


R Package for functional regression of irregularly timed ILD. (Hosted on CRAN.)

TVEM can be used to analyze intensive longitudinal data.

Optimizing Interventions

Multiphase optimization strategy (MOST)


SAS macro for charting the relative cost of reduced factorial designs


SAS macro for calculating the power, effect size, or sample size of a factorial experiment

Random assignment generator for factorial experiments

Web applet that provides a list of random numbers that can be used to assign participants to conditions in an experiment with many conditions

MOST Toolkit for R

R package for implementing functionality of other MOST software in R. (Hosted on CRAN.)

Variable Selection


SAS procedures for variable selection


R package for high-dimensional screening in semiparametric, longitudinal regression (Hosted on CRAN.)