Podcast: Getting Started with TVEM

September 15, 2015:

This podcast will introduce interested scientists to time-varying effect modeling (TVEM). Host Aaron Wagner talks with Methodology Center stl_savInvestigators Stephanie Lanza and Sara Vasilenko about the new types of questions scientists can answer by applying TVEM to existing data or to new studies.
Sara and Stephanie have been at the forefront of both applying TVEM and training scientists to use TVEM. Multiple participants from their TVEM workshop in June already have submitted TVEM manuscripts to journals. In this 25-minute podcast, they provide the introduction needed to determine whether TVEM could be useful in your work.

Podcast Timeline:

00:00 – Introduction

00:52 – Defining TVEM

02:07 – Time-varying versus time-invariant effects

04:00 – Questions TVEM can answer

07:08 – Why a “Year of TVEM?”

09:56 – Data and TVEM

11:00 – TVEM and ecological momentary assessments

13:03 – TVEM and panel data

15:41 – When not to use TVEM

20:12 – Getting started

23:32 – TVEM SAS macro

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