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April 2, 2018:lmc3

The Methodology Center is pleased to offer free consulting sessions for scientists interested in the multiphase optimization strategy (MOST). MOST is an approach to the development, optimization, and evaluation of behavioral, biobehavioral, and biomedical interventions. Developed by Linda Collins and colleagues at The Methodology Center, MOST has been applied in over 20 NIH-funded projects across a number of public health areas, and interest in this approach is growing. We offer many introductory materials for MOST, including introductory videos, resources for factorial experiments and other types of optimization trials, and free software packages in SAS and R.

Despite the availability of introductory resources, we recognize that intervention scientists who have read about MOST and wish to apply it in their work may have specific questions pertaining to their planned project. For this reason, we invite interested researchers to apply for a free consulting session on MOST.

During these one-hour sessions, we will help you identify the best steps for you/your research team. We can provide guidance to your research team as you move through the phases of MOST, from building a knowledge base and conceptual model in the Preparation phase, to planning the most efficient and appropriate experiment in the Optimization phase, to whether and how to conduct a randomized controlled trial during the Evaluation phase. Due to staffing constraints, we may not be able to meet with every applicant, but we will respond to all requests within two weeks. Priority will be given to projects that have a clear research goal and a realistic submission timeline (i.e., not a tight deadline).

If you would like to apply, please first read the first two chapters of this book and/or this article. (Journal access required)

Collins, L. M. (2018). Optimization of Behavioral, Biobehavioral, and Biomedical Interventions: The Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST). New York, NY: Springer.

Collins, L. M., Kugler, K. C., & Gwadz, M. V. (2016). Optimization of multicomponent behavioral and biobehavioral interventions for the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. AIDS and Behavior20(1), 197-214.

We recommend applying for a consulting session early in your planning, even before you have decided which specific funding announcement you will be responding to. Ideally, we suggest submitting an application for consulting several months prior to your grant proposal submission deadline. For larger grant applications, we encourage more lead time.

To apply, please submit an application.

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