New Software for LCA with a Distal Outcome

June 16, 2017:

Our LCA distal outcome estimation software allows users to estimate the association between a latent class variable and a distal outcome in either Stata or SAS. Our previous LCA distal outcome releases have employed a model-based approach known as the LTB approach. As research on LCA with a distal outcome advanced, it became clear that a different method, one developed by Bolck, Croon and Hagenaars (2004), produces more accurate estimates in certain cases. We have implemented this method, known as the BCH approach, in a new SAS macro and Stata function. We recommend the new LCA_Distal_BCH SAS macro and LCA_Distal_BCH Stata function for estimating LCA with a distal outcome.

To facilitate methodological research, we have also repackaged the previous LCA_Distal SAS macro (v. 3.0.2) and the previous LCA_Distal Stata function as the LCA_Distal_LTB SAS macro and the LCA_Distal_LTB Stata function, respectively.

Open the SAS distal outcomes software page.

Open the Stata distal outcomes software page.

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