Podcast: Practical Advice on LCA

December 2, 2016:jjd-atw

Latent class analysis (LCA) is a widely used tool for identifying subgroups in a population. Many researchers have questions about how to conduct an LCA as responsibly and accurately as possible. In our latest podcast, John Dziak discusses important points to consider when conducting an LCA, like how to tell when an analysis is successful and how to make sure your model is properly identified. John is a Methodology Center research associate who studies LCA, and he is the lead developer of our LCA software, including PROC LCA. Note: this podcast is a companion piece to podcasts 15 and 16 with Stephanie Lanza and Bethany Bray. If you are new to LCA, you may want to start with Podcast 15.

Podcast Timeline:

00:30—What is LCA for?
01:15—Why would someone use LCA?
02:27—How does LCA work?
04:20—How do I select a model?
07:39—How do I know if my LCA worked?
13:45—How do I select items for my model?
18:20—What “percent identified” of random starts is high enough?
19:23—When should I use a higher value in NSTARTS?
20:13—What should I do if my model won’t converge?
23:00—When should I use the RESTRICT option?

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