Podcast: Michael Russell on Ambulatory Assessment

January 23, 2017:Mrussell

In our latest podcast, Methodology Center Research Associate Michael Russell discusses ambulatory assessment and his pilot project examining self-report data during heavy drinking. In the project, Michael is combining ecological momentary assessment (EMA) of self-reported alcohol use with continuous data from ankle bracelets that measure alcohol intoxication levels through contact with the skin. He is investigating the accuracy of using EMA self-reports as a proxy for such intoxication measures during real-world drinking episodes. He discusses his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of such data collection, and talks about some of his research using these and other intensive longitudinal data (ILD).

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00:00  Introduction

00:33  Developing an interest in methods

03:07  Ambulatory assessments for understanding substance use

06:29  Examining the accuracy of self-report data on alcohol use

08:30  Practical issues with ambulatory assessment studies

10:09  Methodological issues with ambulatory assessment studies

13:36  Implications for working with IRBs

15:40  Future of ambulatory assessment

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