Collecting Data in Schools with Zena Mello

January 15, 2018:ZENA

In a relaxed and engaging conversation, Zena Mello, associate professor of psychology at San Francisco State University, discusses the opportunities, complications, obligations, and challenges associated with collecting data in public high schools. She explains her experiences developing relationships and working in two schools that are only minutes apart geographically but sharply divergent in terms of the educational resources available. Her research investigates how adolescents think about time and how that thinking relates to their substance use and other risky behavior.

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Podcast timeline:

00:00  Introduction

00:32  Gaining access to high schools for collecting data

12:20  Introducing graduate students to a low-income high school

18:52  Maintaining a relationship with a high school administration

23:30  Gaining access to a high-income high school

30:31  Future directions of Zena’s research

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