Podcast: Physical Activity Research with David Conroy

June 2, 2014:Conroy_sm

In our latest podcast, host Aaron Wagner interviews David Conroy, professor of kinesiology and human development and family studies at Penn State, and investigator at The Methodology Center. The discussion focuses on David’s research on physical activity and sedentary behavior, how physical activity impacts our lives, and the technological opportunities and methodological challenges of this research. David’s multiple, fascinating projects with other Methodology Center investigators are also discussed.

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Physical activity guidelines for Americans

Conroy, D. E., Maher, J. P., Elavsky, S., Hyde, A. L., & Doerksen, S. E. (2013). Sedentary behavior as a daily process regulated by habits and intentions. Health Psychology. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1037/a0031629 PMC Journal- in process.

Conroy, D. E., Yang, C. H., & Maher, J. P. (2014). Behavior change techniques in top-ranked mobile apps for physical activity. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 46(6), 649-652.

Fitzsimmons, P. T., Maher, J. P., Doerksen, S. E., Elavsky, S. Rebar, A. L., & Conroy D. E. (2014) A daily process analysis of physical activity, sedentary behavior, and perceived cognitive abilities. Psychology of Sports and Exercise. 15(5), 498-504.

Podcast Timeline:
00:00 – Introduction
00:45 – Sedentary behavior, active behavior, and your health
06:51 – David’s background
08:25 – Staying healthy in a sedentary society
13:08 – ACT UP interventions to promote activity
19:25 – Promoting health with smartphones c
24:31 – Methodological issues: Intensive longitudinal data in this research

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