Susan Murphy Elected to Academy of Sciences


Susan Murphy, 2013 MacArthur Fellow

May 13, 2016:

We are pleased to announce that Methodology Center Principal Investigator Susan Murphy has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Susan’s innovative research, particularly her development of the sequential, multiple assignment, randomized trial (SMART), and her recent work on just-in-time adaptive interventions (JITAIs) has garnered many honors and accolades, including membership in the National Academy of Medicine in 2014 and a MacArthur Foundation “genius” award in 2013.

The National Academy of Sciences was established by Congress in 1863 to provide independent advice to the government about science and technology. Susan was elected to another Academy, the National Academy of Medicine (previously known as the Institute of Medicine), in 2014. In both Academies, current members elect new members who have made distinguished research contributions.

Susan’s research focuses on developing innovative research approaches to improve the personalization of treatment. She developed SMART, an experimental design tool that allows scientists to build empirically based interventions that adapt to patient characteristics and response to treatment. Recently, Susan has begun investigating the construction of JITAIs, which use real-time data from mobile technologies to deliver personalized behavioral interventions exactly when they are needed.

Susan’s work has impacted the research of countless scientists and interventionists. SMARTs are being used to address a broad range of topics including cocaine abuse, depression, problem drinking, obesity, ADHD, and autism. Dozens of SMARTs have been funded by the National Institutes of Health, and multiple NIH program announcements specifically request SMART designs.

Susan is Herbert E. Robbins Distinguished University Professor of statistics, research professor at the Institute for Social Research, and professor of psychiatry at the University of Michigan. She is a fellow of the College of Problems of Drug Dependence, the MacArthur Foundation, the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, the American Statistical Association, and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. She is an elected member of the International Statistical Institute and from 2007-2009 served as co-editor of The Annals of Statistics. She has been a primary investigator in The Methodology Center since 1995.

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