New TVEM SAS Macro Accommodates Survey Weights and Clusters

April 12, 2017:

TVEMWe are pleased to release the newest extension of our TVEM (time-varying effect model) software. The %WeightedTVEM SAS macro (version 2.6) fits TVEMs on complex datasets that involve clustering (e.g., students are nested within schools) and survey weights (e.g., participants represent different numbers of population members due to systematically unequal probabilities of selection). Before attempting to use %WeightedTVEM, users should familiarize themselves with the %TVEM SAS macro (version 3.1 or higher).

Traditional analytic methods assume that covariates have constant effects on a time-varying outcome. The TVEM SAS macros allow the effects of covariates to vary with time. These macros enable researchers to answer new research questions about how relationships change over time. By accounting for survey weights and clusters, %WeightedTVEM can enable users to potentially avoid biased standard errors and incorrect conclusions.

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