Methodology Center Books

Methodology Center researchers have written or edited several books over the years. Books provide the space for in-depth explanations of complex topics.

Collins, L. M., & Kugler, K. C. (2018). Optimization of behavioral, biobehavioral, and biomedical interventions. Cham: Springer International Publishing. doi, 10(1007), 978-3. (link to publisher’s website)




Collins, L. M. (2018). Optimization of Behavioral, Biobehavioral, and Biomedical Interventions: The Multiphase Optimization Strategy
(MOST) Cham: Springer International Publishing. (link to publisher’s website)




Rehg, J. M., Murphy, S. A., & Kumar, S. (Eds.). (2017). Mobile health: sensors, analytic methods, and applications. Springer.
(link to publisher’s website)




Collins, L. M., & Lanza, S. T. (2009). Latent Class and Latent Transition Analysis With Applications in the Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences. Wiley. (link to book’s website)




Walls, T. A., & Schafer, J. L. (2006). Models for intensive longitudinal data. New York, NY, US: Oxford University Press.
(link to publisher’s website)




Lemmon, D. R., & Schafer, J. L. (2005). Developing statistical software in Fortran 95. Springer (link to publisher’s website)





Schafer, J. L. (1997). Analysis of incomplete multivariate data. Chapman and Hall/CRC. (link to publisher’s website)