Podcast: Preventing Child Maltreatment with Kate Guastaferro

Kate GuastaferroFebruary 3, 2020:

In this brief and inspiring podcast, Methodology Center Research Associate Kate Guastaferro talks about her research on preventing child maltreatment and on the multiphase optimization strategy (MOST) for optimizing interventions. Kate came to Penn State as a postdoctoral fellow in the Prevention and Methodology Training (PAMT) program. She discusses how her training has led her to work towards the elimination of sexual abuse.

Podcast timeline:

00:00—introductions and Kate’s background
01:43—Kate’s work at The Methodology Center
02:34—Defining the multiphase optimization strategy (MOST)
03:54—Kate’s work on preventing child maltreatment in Pennsylvania
07:50—Research and results so far from the child sexual abuse intervention
11:07—How MOST influences Kate’s work in child sexual abuse prevention
12:42—Resistance to research on sexual abuse
14:20—What everyone should know about sexual abuse
15:52—Future plans

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