Software Update: LCA Stata Plugin

September 3, 2015:

The Methodology Center is pleased to release the latest version (1.2.1) of the LCA Stata plugin for conducting latent class analysis (LCA). The latest version includes two small bug fixes and several changes to the users’ guide. As always, the software is available for download free of charge, though you need Stata to use it. For an overview of the functionality of the LCA Stata plugin, please visit the download page.

After a maintenance period this summer, all Methodology Center software is again available for download from the website. Please email with any questions or feedback.

One-Credit Course on Advanced LCA Topics

January 26, 2015:

As part of our annual series of one-credit courses in research methodology for Penn State graduate students, in fall 2015 we will offer, “Advanced topics inbbray2015 latent class analysis (LCA).” LCA is an analytic method used to identify hidden subgroups within a population based on individuals’ responses to multiple observed variables. This short course, taught by Methodology Center Investigator Bethany Bray, will build on the knowledge and skills presented in the short course, “An introduction to latent class and latent profile analysis.” Credit for that course is not a prerequisite for taking this course, but familiarity with LCA and baseline category multinomial logistic regression are prerequisites.


This course will enable students to address complex research questions using latent class and latent profile analysis. The specific topics of the course include

  • review of LCA and latent profile analysis,
  • prediction of distal outcomes from subgroup membership,
  • latent transition analysis and repeated measures LCA,
  • causal inference with LCA, and
  • latent class moderation.


Class time will be spent in lecture, discussion, and software demonstrations. Homework exercises will be provided for students to do outside of class. In addition, students will be required to do a small project. The software used in this course will be (a) PROC LCA, a downloadable add-on procedure for SAS version 9 for Windows, and (b) Mplus (for latent profile analysis).


Course registration is through the Office of the Registrar. The schedule of courses is available at The Office of the Registrar’s Schedule of Courses. The class will meet for five, 2.5-hour sessions on Thursday afternoons in August and September.